...............Who are we?

We are all passionate fishermen and women. Our experience is with Big Game fish such as Southern Bluefin Tuna, Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna and Kingfish to name just a few.

With over 30 years fishing experience, the team at Big Game Tackle has a wealth of knowledge about all things fishing tackle. We have acquired only the best tackle from around the world, to offer the serious big game sports fishermen and women a quality solution.

We Live to Fish...


Our Partners


We are very excited to be the exclusive distributor of these traditional hand crafted and hand made Big Game Hawaiian skirted Marlin lures and Tuna Lures etc. Tsutomu Lures has many years of experience in hand crafting one of the worlds best marlin and tuna Lures. Tsutomu gained his knowledge from past generations. Today Tsutomu lures are responsible for great captures world wide. Check out our gallery for the latest game fishing results.

All Tsutomu Lures are hand crafted to perfection, each resin head is hand poured, painted and polished by the owner. Producing some of the highest quality skirted lures in the world. Not mass produced and the quality is exceptional.

What makes the Tsutomu lure so unique is the weight insert, it gives the Tsutomu lure more action. The weight is more of a diamond shape as opposed to round or square, kind of like how a deep V boat will rock side to side more than a flat bottom boat. The swimming action of any lure is the difference between Big Game success or a 'No result' day on the water. All inserts are hand painted using realistic head color choices with very real fish eye designs.

The Paua Shell lures are in a class of their own. Most Game Fish will find the flash on the Shell Head lures irresistible.

All our Tsutomu Lures are fitted with quality Yo-Zuri Octopus skirts with a variety of skirt color combinations to select from. We also offer a reskirting service.

Hook rigs to suit each of the Tsutomu range of lures are also available and only the best Hooks; Owner Jobu, Maruto Southern Tuna Hooks and Mustad 7691S Hooks as well as the highest quality Big Game leaders; Momoi standard, Momoi ultra hard and Platypus Game Leader are used for all our lure rigs. Our Tsutomu lure range, now have the option of added holographic flying fish wings for more flash and to imitate flying fish.



These high quality South African made skirted lures are proven to be raise pelagic sport fish. The richter range of lures range from the mighty Devious, a proven BIG marlin delight, right down to the tuna slaying Junior Tornado which has encountered for many barrel tuna and us one of the best tuna lures in Australia.

These hand made products including pushersplugsskirts and terminal tackle have made them irresistible to fish and fishermen alike.

The South African factory which produces the Richter range has over 25 years experience and create extensive and custom made lure heads and skirts. The chrome jet heads are turned out of marine grade brass, hand polished and then chromed and are proven to be irresistible to any pelagic wanting to chase high speed jets up to 16 knots.



Our River2Sea lures includes Downsider Minnow (deep diver), Dumbell Poppers in 150mm & 200mm, River2Sea Doggie Stickbaits and River2Sea Skip Stick (topwater lures). New to the range is the River2SeaTorpedo a fast runnig deep diving lure, ideal for when the fish are down deep...

The River2Sea quality range of game lures are a must have in any tackle box when you are chasing Southern Blue Fin Tuna,Giant Trevally, Queenies, Barra, Mackerall just to name a few.