Platypus Game Leader

Platypus Game Leader

Platypus Game Leader™ is the worldleader in leader material technology. This Game Leader has a multipolymer construction which enables Platypus to still be suitable for both crimping and knotting with maximum strength.

Platypus Game Leader has a supersoft core with great flexibility and excellent handling. Its annealed surface is abrasion resistant, which results in minimum abrasion between the leader and the game fish.

Platypus Game Leader™ is packaged in convenient leader wheels and comes in the following breaking strains:

40 lb (0.60mm), 60 lb (0.75mm), 80 lb (0.90mm), 100 lb (1.00mm), 150 lb (1.20mm), 200 lb (1.40mm), 300 lb (1.60mm), 400 lb (2.00mm), 500 lb (2.25mm) and 600 lb (2.50mm)

Colour:   Clear

Lenghts: 15m-100m depending on breaking strain

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