Maruto Aji Double Hooks

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Maruto Aji Double Hooks have a SS880 hook pattern, looped eye in Stainless Steel. Can be used on Skirted trolling lures (especially Cut Face or Plunger style lures) Bibbed or Bibbless minnows as a double hook as a replacement for Trebles providing an increased hook up rate.

The Maruto Aji hooks are rated as the strongest stainless Steel Double hook on the market.

Hook lengths and Gapes


Hook Size



10 25mm 10.5mm
9 27mm 11.0mm
8 32mm 12mm
7 34mm 14mm
6 36mm 16mm
5 38mm 18mm
4 40mm 20mm
3 47mm 22mm
2 52mm 25mm
1 55mm 27mm
1/0 60mm 30mm

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