I have over 30 years of recreational Boating and Fishing experience in both local fresh water and open saltwater environments.

Big game Tackle provides a tailored experience, whether you are completely new to boating and require the confidence to appreciate and understand all the required safety requirements, through to experienced game fishing setups and techniques, we can help you achieve your goals

- Are you planning to sit for your boating license? or

- Perhaps your thinking about buying your first boat?  or

- You may have some boating/ fishing experience and you would like to learn new methods? 

Big Game Tackle can provide you with the practical experiences you require before you chose to sit a test, or buy a boat to provide you with the necessary practical experiences to enhance your confidence, and to provide you with SAFE and SUCCESFUL boating experience.

Find below a detailed list of services which we offer: (All equipment is provided to show setup examples and carry out live practical demonstrations)

Practical Boating knowhow

- How to safely Hitch a boat to your vehicle and the safety requirements around Gross load weights, towing weights and the right vehicle selection

- Vehicle & Boat trailer reversing techniques and practical demonstrations to help you build confidence to launch your boat in tight or awkward boat ramps (car, boat and trailer provided)

- The Launching and Retrieval of your boat, including tips on how to do it on your own (car, boat and trailer provided, or we can use your own setup)

- How to safely read and tackle a Bar crossing. 

- Preparing for long road trips and how to correctly & safely tie down your boat

- Choosing the right Boating safety gear and how to position/ setup your boat

- Outboard Engine setup & battery selection and setup

- Learn how to navigate in different waterways using the latest marine navigation equipment

- Selecting the correct marine electronics for your boat.

- Learn how to maneuver & control your boat in varied water conditions.

- Practical demonstrations to learn how to interpret the orientation of a marina and the direction of the wind to successfully dock and moor your boat

How to interpret weather forecasts and tidal movements for a safe boating experience

 electronics set up resized

Recreational & Game Fishing Expertise & Knowhow

- How to interpret weather forecasts and tidal movements. 

- How to correctly setup your boat dependent on the target species, including Electric motor and electric anchor setups and operation

- Practical On the water Fishing tips (all boating and fishing equipment is provided)

* Learn how to cast and the different casting techniques for each type of fishing 

* Lure selection (hard bodies, plastics & stick baits)

* Correct trolling techniques, including boat speed, direction and lure spread placement. 

* How to read and understand your electronic equipment, including, sounders, marine radios and navigation equipment

* Setting up Rod holders, outriggers, live bait tanks, wash down pumps and tuna tubes

* How to look after your catch

We use the latest technology and equipment for any of the practical demonstrations.

Practical demonstrations are limited to Victoria and we offer our services to inland waterways, coastal bays and open water. 

Please send us an inquiry through our contact us page to discuss your immediate boating and fishing needs.

Our Fee's are subject to your requirements, location, and what equipment is required.

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