Outrigger Poles

Outrigger Poles

We only stock quality Precision Outrigger Poles and Tag Poles. These are the lightest and stiffest rigger poles currently on the market. Precision has designed these lightweight poles with high strength carbon fiber without sacrificing strength and rigidness. Using Precision Outriggers on your boat will eliminate stress and strain on the mounting points making it the perfect outrigger pole for even the smallest boat.

The stiffer the outrigger pole the better the action of the lure and increased hook up ratios. We at Tsutomu Lures only use Precision Outriggers on our boat as we can troll larger heavier lures without the rigger flexing too much. Giving us less lure/bait blow outs and tangles during game fishing.

Precision supplies each set rigger poles with 4 x Ronstan ball bearing rollers and 6 x 316 stainless steel eye bolts.

These are some of the best value, high performance poles in Australia. Now available in Melbourne.

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