Paua Shell Gringo Invert

$ 64.95
$ 64.95
$ 64.95

Recommended usage & rigging 

Lure Size Speed Leader Hook Weight
9inch 6-12kn 130-250lb 8/0 3oz / 85.0g
10.5inch 6-12kn 130-300lb 9 or 10/0  4oz / 113.3
14inch 6-12kn 300-500lb 11/0 5oz / 141.7g
14inch 6-12kn 600lb 12/0 5oz / 141.7g
This Tsutomu shell Invert is one of our best lures for capturing Marlin in Australia. This lure runs well in all conditions at low or high speed trolling and from all positions with lots of smoke and a tight wiggle.

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