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Yo-Zuri manufacture the world’s best Octopus Skirts. Only quality game lure manufacturers use Yo-Zuri skirts and all Tsutomu Lures are fitted with these skirts. A large range of realistic skirt colours are available. The skirts are consistent with quality. There are not too many skirt manufactures that produces a skirt that is as soft and as consistent in diameter and thickness. This is why Big Game Tackle only chooses Yo-Zuri. The best way to secure a skirt to a lure head is to tie the inner and outer skirts to the lure. This allows the skirt to sit better on the lure and also provides for a quick change in those hectic fishing moments at sea.

NO glue is used to attach Yo-Zuri skirts to Tsutomu lures as many other lure makers need to do when using cheaper and lesser quality skirts. We will happily re skirt your Tsutomu trolling lures. Contact us for a quote.

Yo-Zuri Skirts

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