Smokey Invert

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Flying fish wings:
Lure Rigging:
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Recommended usage & rigging 

Lure SizeSpeedLeaderHookWeight
7 inch 6-12kn 60-150lb 8/0 2oz/56.7g
8 inch 6-12kn 60-200lb 8/0 2oz/56.7g
9 inch 6-12kn 130-300lb 9/0 3oz/85.0g
11 inch 6-12kn 250-400lb 10/0    4oz/113.3g   
14 inch 6-12kn 300-500lb 11/0 5oz/141.7g
14 inch 6-12kn 600lb 12/0 5oz/141.7g
The Tsutomu Fish Head Invert is effective in all positions: Long Rigger, Short Rigger, Long Corner, Short Corner and Shotgun.
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